Anubhut Chikitsa Sangrah

Anubhut Chikitsa sangrah

Part – First

Author – Pandit Ganga Prasad

Dadhich Tripathi

Language – Hindi

About The Book

This is written by “Pandit Ganga Prasad dadhich Tripathi And Members of the Ayurvedvidyapitha.

What was the Purpose to write this book?

There are many books were available in the market which gives the basic and advances knowledge of the Ayurveda and also the gives the knowledge of the different medicine in Ayurveda.

but, many books or granth not gives the proper knowledge of the Dravya and that’s why to gives proper scientific knowledge of the dravya this book is written by the author.

Why read this book?

1.This book gives proper Scientific knowledge of the Ayurvedic Drugs.

2.There is three different types of index available

1.Index of Hindi name

2.Index of latin name

3.Index of English name

3.By using these different indexes one can easy able to find desire drug and his information.

4.Habitat of different drugs is given so that one can easily get the drug available in a particular location.

5.Time of collection of the the drug is given

6.Method of used is given.

7.Action of drug is given.

Who Should Read this book?

Ayurveda practinar

BAMS student

Medicine practitioner


This book is not the property of Bams_ayushstuff.Book is only available for commercial use.To remove the material of this book you need to remove it from online directory.for any queries mail us.

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